Sam Smith

National Director / Sustainability + Regeneration

e: [email protected]
p: +61 3 9521 1195
m: +61 0484 343 210

As designers of the built environment, I believe that in the face of a changing climate, we have a duty of care to future generations and, in fact, all species we share this planet with. So, we must ensure our projects are regenerative in nature and make sure we give back more to the environment than we take away.

A registered architect for 20+ years, Sam’s diverse career has spanned construction, Local Government, not-for-profit/NGOs, and the tertiary sector. Her expertise lies in permaculture, climate resilience, adaptation and holistic design-systems thinking.

Sam has a strong focus on ‘first principles’ of site-specific analysis and solar-passive design and how architecture and landscape can enhance the well-being of both human occupants and other species. She is passionate about delivering sustainable solutions to projects that embody human wellness and allow biodiversity to thrive. With a passion for integrated ‘landscaped-architecture’, Sam advocates for biophilic design as best practice and takes a regenerative approach to ensure the built environment is climate-ready for all species.

Sam seeks to ensure Traditional Custodians are respectfully engaged, and the stories of the land are honoured to ensure excellent social-cultural outcomes are achieved.

Recent projects include the Hycel facility at Warrnambool Campus, Deakin University, a dedicated R&D facility to develop Hydrogen batteries. It will be Deakin’s ILFI first net-zero carbon project, has strong social, community and educational outcomes and intends to link the innovation of hydrogen back to the importance of water in the landscape to the Gundjitmara people.

Another standout is The RISE precinct, designed to be Deakin’s first “climate ready” building housing the School of Life and Environmental Sciences and the School of IT.

Sam believes that gender equity, accessibility, diversity, and sustainable design will allow us to achieve excellent social and environmental outcomes to deliver on our vision of creating great environments for our community.

Further project experience includes:

  • The RISE precinct, designed to be Deakin’s first ‘’climate ready” building housing the School of Life and Environmental Sciences and School of IT.
  • Piloting the Green Star Buildings framework on Manufutures 2 innovation hub and the Sustainable Built Environment Principles to the Aqufi (Aquaculture) Development.
  • Working with Traditional Custodians, embedding climate adaptation, integrated water, and biodiversity planning for the masterplanning refresh of Deakin’s campuses.
  • Embedding the Australian Indigenous Design Charter and biophilic design principles into Deakin’s design standards.
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