Audrey Penney

QLD ESD Team Lead | Strategy & Sustainability Innovation / Brisbane

e: [email protected]
p: +61 7 3088 4022
m: +61 457 556 434

"I have a passion for biomimicry and advocate for biophilic design as best practice. I take a regenerative approach to ensure the built environment is resilient to climatic changes."

Audrey has over 20 years of experience operating in the sustainability sector in various capacities. She more recently consulted within the education sector to universities, VET, and secondary as well as Local Government and private industry, particularly manufacturing. Her expertise lies in educating for sustainability, business development, strategy, community development and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Audrey understands the changing social and economic landscape requiring a renewed approach to client relationships and partnerships in an era demanding increased transparency and a more holistic understanding of sustainability and social value. She has a passion for biomimicry and advocates for biophilic design as best practice and takes a regenerative approach to ensure the built environment is resilient to climatic changes. She seeks to foster relationships with Australia’s First Peoples to ensure they are respectfully engaged, and Acknowledgement of Country can be advocated for in more creative ways aligned to a built environment.

New to the building and construction industry Audrey brings a holistic understanding of how sustainability principles translate to the built environment and to the people utilising the spaces. Audrey believes that it is time to create a shift from footprints of impact within construction to handprints of legacy using circular economy principles in design as a pathway and pursuing innovation through Australia’s manufacturing sector as a supply chain process.

On a personal note,  Audrey loves growing her own food. She used to have an organic farm in Southwest Victoria and developed a passion for soil health. She is passionate about the farming community and the sustainable innovation happening in that space.

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