University of Melbourne Buildings 194/184
Parkville, Melbourne
University of Melbourne
Mechanical, electrical, fire protection, fire safety, hydraulics, acoustics, audio visual, and vertical transportation

The University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences (FVAS) plan to relocate the School of Agriculture and Food (Food Science) to Levels 1, 2 and 3 Building 194 and Level 2 Building 184.

The expansion into both buildings will address the growing enrollment numbers and provide a consolidated base for Food Science Teaching and Research. The project comprises of PC1 and PC2 physical containment, fume cupboard extraction and laboratory gas provision as well as the refurbishment of multiple spaces within Building 184.

Re-purposing an ageing asset to accommodate complex space functions has presented some challenges including extensive infrastructure upgrades to current code requirement. As a result of our initial site investigations all infrastructure; MSB, thermal plant and HVAC are to be replaced to meet BCA 2019 commitments.

The University of Melbourne is delivering the project through an innovative procurement method whereby an Early Contract Involvement (ECI) Consultant forms part of the project team and the delivery procurement process is priced and built under an agreed framework. This process is quite unique for refurbished buildings in the tertiary education sector and provides the University with an agile procurement process primarily focused on providing University stakeholders with an accelerated design/construction programme tailored to typology of the asset, space re purposing challenges, the programme, procurement and impact to the University community caused by constructing in a live environment.