One Sydney Park
215 Euston Road, Alexandria, NSW
HPG Australia
Sylvester Fuller & MHN Design Union
Mechanical, electrical, fire, communications, security and vertical transportation

With the creation of this new park-side community on this inner-city former industrial site, a whole new way of urban living is being realized. The development which is surrounded by the 44-hectare Sydney Park in Alexandria will provide the opportunity for residents to live at one with nature whilst enjoying the amenities and convenience of Sydney’s inner-city lifestyle.

The development will consist of 400 apartments across eight six-storey buildings enveloped on three sides by Sydney Park. With a new public plaza connected to the park, the development will embody its natural surrounds of natural light, fresh air and a rich ecology through clever design and open spaces.

A key driver for the rezoning of the site is the need to mitigate the noise associated with the Euston Road traffic to a level that is adequate for residential living. The design team will balance the conflicting requirements of acoustic attenuation and natural ventilation by strategically placing openings in the façade to allow airflow into the apartments to maintain a high quality indoor environment whilst restricting noise into the apartments. This will be achieved by using CFD modelling.