We are very excited to welcome Devan to the team in Sydney. Devan has spent the last four years working at the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) where he led the development of the latest Green Star rating tool – Green Star Buildings. Through his experience and extensive engagement with the industry he has been able to follow the trends that are influencing Australia’s property and construction industry and develop a rating tool to respond to these. With his broad understanding of the landscape and how megatrends such as resilience, carbon neutrality and electrification influence the built environment, Devan now aims to deliver design solutions to clients that capitalise on the exciting opportunities ahead.

This is an exciting time for ADP’s Sustainability team with Devan becoming its 17th member, bringing with him a breadth of experience to strengthen and enhance our service delivery to our clients.

When asked Why ADP?, Devan said, ‘Joining the team at ADP is exciting for two reasons. Firstly, to couple my knowledge of rating tool frameworks with the deep technical expertise within the company. Having spent a few years developing the rating tool I am itching to now work with my new colleagues to deliver it for our clients. There are some ambitious requirements in Green Star Buildings that necessitate innovative and creative thinking, and I am excited to work within a team that can step up to those challenges. Secondly, my interactions with the team to date have been fantastic and the drive to deliver high-quality services is evident. I want to work with people who are both forward thinking and take pride in their work. There is so much potential in sustainable property and I look forward to capitalising on this with a great bunch of people. ‘

Prior to working at the GBCA, Devan worked as an ESD consultant on landmark commercial and retail buildings in Cape Town and London.

Welcome to the team Devan, it is great to have you on board.

To learn more get in touch:

Senior Sustainability Consultant

Devan Valenti

P: +61 2 8203 5447

E: [email protected]