ADP Consulting is thrilled to announce Sophie Hutchinson has been promoted to the role of Director of Sustainability at ADP Consulting. 

Sophie is a recognised leader within the sustainability community, acknowledged by peers and industry bodies. Her focus on human-centred design has achieved more than just great project outcomes – it has created a sustainability agenda for ADP. This agenda is aligned with the climate crisis imperative. Our clients have been responsive to the ways ADP can assist them in their own response.

Human-centred design is a whole-of-life approach to sustainability, considering health, happiness and well-being as well as traditional numeric sustainability measures such as greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption and water usage. It is a regenerative approach – the idea that projects can ‘give back’ to their local ecosystem. In her project work and team management, Sophie has successfully aligned the two approaches – holistic and numeric – and the team utilises the most appropriate tool to achieve the outcome required.

Sophie’s approach to team leadership and client relationships accords with ADP’s vision for ‘creating great environments with great people’ and is evidenced by Sophie’s tireless team and industry mentoring and the willingness of clients to follow her expert advice. Her elevation to Director is an inspiration to ADP’s female team members, particularly in a profession that struggles with gender equity.

Congratulations Sophie!

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Director of Sustainability

Sophie Hutchinson