Russ has 12 years’ experience in design engineering across both the UK and Australia with 9 years contributing to sustainability in the built environment.

Having spent his time working as both a consultant and a client in the property industry, Russ has developed a well-rounded understanding of how to deliver and integrate sustainability solutions across the lifecycle of a project; from land acquisition to its concept, design, development, construction, and operations.

With a strong focus on strategy, Russ has experience in managing and delivering sustainability for multidisciplinary projects across the commercial, health, hotel, education, industrial, retail, and residential sectors.

Russ approaches sustainability through a lens of creativity and innovation, however still seeks to develop design initiatives that are anchored to cost-effective, real-life and pragmatic solutions. He has experience delivering projects that tackle today’s industry challenges including energy efficiency and carbon emissions reduction, water conservation, waste reduction, sustainable construction practices, social sustainability and organisational Reconciliation.

With his passion for developing strong personal relationships with clients, consultants, contractors and industry stakeholders, Russ has been involved in a number of sustainability committees and expert reference panels and enjoys working with organisations such as the Green Building Council of Australia, The International WELL Institute and the Living Futures Institute to help move Australia towards a more sustainable future.

Russ is continuing to build on his experience in sustainable building design and sustainability leadership through his role as an Associate Sustainability Consultant for ADP Consulting and is keen to further explore how our building industry can achieve Carbon Neutrality and Net Zero Emissions through design, construction and operation.

If you want to get in touch: [email protected]